Pros and Cons of ObamaCare for the Insured

The Insured under ObamaCare

ObamaCare, at first peek, appears to be quiet tough on the insured individual.


  • Introduction of numerous brand-new client benefits and protections.


  • The extra cost of health insurance could possibly balance the brand new client benefits and protections, placing the insured person exactly right where they were before ObamaCare. (The remainder of the cons following are pretty much an enumeration of these expenses.)
  • People that have insurance via an employer could possibly have their plans dropped as a result of increasing rates.
  • The penalty for making non-allowable purchases goes up to 20%.
  • The amount your employer can add to your Flexible Spending Account is going to be capped at $2,500. Up to now, there was no sanctioned ceiling on such accounts, though it was widespread habit for an employer to arrange one at $5,000.
  • Those on Medicare may find their benefits diminish arising from ObamaCare’s spending cuts. Spending cuts mean diminished reimbursements for health-care services, in effect disincentivizing medical related providers from adopting Medicare. (In the event that that all sounded just giberish to you, be sure to standby. We’ll be going through a series of postings soon which is where we’ll summarize the reimbursement system and information about how health insurance pays for medical care.)
  • Those on Medicaid may see the standard of health care accessible to them considerably degraded. The program could possibly be flooded by the many new enrollees, minimizing every single consumer’s piece of the proverbial pie.

From this list, it appears as though ObamaCare is out to get Americans who come into the program with insurance coverage. It’s not as simple as that though. The cons are sacrifices that the Obama administration decided are worth making for the pros, namely the end-user benefits and protections. Time alone will tell where the equilibrium will really lie.

Irrespective of how you think about ObamaCare altogether, it’s essential to bear in mind that it’s certainly not only about spending and cuts. ObamaCare does in fact try and generate a sustainable environment. It just is the case that we all hold what would seem to be impossibly different ideas of what way the act will probably play out.

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A very good resource you can find is The ObamaCare Survival Guide by Nick J. Tate. Most of my original exploration was done with this book.

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